Welcome to An Cuu City

The goal of bringing value to life: Comfort - Modern. Safety - Civilization. Always adding value!

An Cuu City Urban Area is a model urban project in the model of Phu My Hung Urban Area implemented by Viet Long Hue Investment Joint Stock Company, now IMG Hue Investment Joint Stock Company.

An Cuu City Urban Area has a total area of ​​33 hectares in the master plan of 1,700 hectares of An Van Duong New Urban Area established by the Institute of Rural Urban Planning - Ministry of Construction.

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Construction scale:

Villas: An Cuu City has 28 classy garden villas with land areas from 267.5m2 to 317m2, an average of 280m2 with a size of 14mx20m. The 2-storey house with a total floor area of ​​250m2, the first floor is 125m2 of floor area combined with a garden fence to form a complete living space.
Terraced houses: 351 townhouses in An Cuu City with the design of the off-storey house have created airy spaces, making reasonable use of the floor area to create convenient rooms for future life. .
Townhouses: 204 garden villas with an area of ​​7mx18m = 126m2, 7m wide frontage is designed in the form of duplex villas to create a complete neighborhood, synchronous with changing spaces by loggia and balcony but still separate for each house.
Work quality:

With the development orientation and desire to bring the best values ​​to the lives of residents of An Cuu City urban area, all matters related to design - planning - construction - materials and environment Life is respected by IMG Hue to ensure the most perfect construction:

1. Design

Through the Department of Construction of Thua Thien Hue Province and the Association of Architects of Thua Thien Hue Province, IMG Hue organized a national competition with more than 40 participating units from which the modern house model has been selected. function is suitable for use, meeting all living needs and lifestyle of customers.

2. Construction structure

To ensure the house is sustainable over time, we have also organized a structural test for the houses, the optimal solution chosen is the reinforced concrete frame of the pile foundation 22m deep.With the selected structural plan, we trust will bring residents a safe and secure life with quality of the house.

3. Construction works

Through bidding, we select large and reputable contractors from Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang to carry out the construction.

The premium materials we use to build are tested in laboratories.

4. Regarding construction supervision

We choose the independent monitoring monitoring group Apave.

Along with Supervision Apave we have an additional team that monitors and encourages customers to join us in monitoring their homes.

5. In terms of construction safety management

We require the construction units to establish labor safety measures, arrange professional management staff to conduct regular professional checks, every week the investor and the supervising unit organize a check. Comprehensive inspection to evaluate, carefully prepare construction security jobs to ensure occupational safety.

6. In terms of environmental sanitation management

In order to ensure the environment is green, clean and beautiful, in the construction process, in addition to the internal cleaning of each construction contractor, we also add a dedicated cleaning department for the whole area to ensure always green, clean - pretty.

7. Quality of infrastructure construction

An important factor determining the quality of life of An Cuu residential area is the technical infrastructure system.

Here with a complete, complete and high-quality infrastructure system, including:

Traffic system of smooth asphalt road
Clean water supply system
Sewerage system, dirty water
Underground system
Communication and telecommunications systems, ...
All are taken care of by leading construction companies under strict quality supervision by Apave Group and state management agencies.

The technical infrastructure system of An Cuu New Urban Area is considered to be the most synchronous currently compared to other projects being implemented in Hue.

      " The goal of bringing value to life: Comfort - Modern. Safety - Civilization. Always adding value "


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Welcome to An Cuu City

Welcome to An Cuu City

The goal of bringing value to life: Comfort - Modern. Safety - Civilization. Always adding value!